About Diane M. Ostrom                                                                  816-678-1690 diane.ostrom@yahoo.com
Diane M. Ostrom, Owner of Still Point LLC
Licensed and Nationally Certified Massage Therapist Since 2003

Bachelor of Arts, Sociology at Park University

Certificates Held:
Body Somatic Therapy (570 classroom hours + 500 clinical)
Includes: Structural Integration, Myofascial Release,
Zen Shiatsu (over 600 classroom hours) including:
Acupressure, Tradition Chinese Medicine, and Cranio-Sacral
Reiki I, and II
WHolistic Energy Healing (164 classroom hours)

Diane Ostrom of Still Point Massage

In January 2002, Diane decided to explore an interest in massage therapy; she loved it so much she left corporate work to
pursue her passion.  She was able to practice for two years under the guidance of a Holistic doctor of medicine and developed a
deep interest in avoidance of surgery and prescription drugs whenever possible.  She is trained in 3 different modalities of

8 years later Diane feels so blessed with the caliber of clientele that have come her way and see her on a regular basis. She has
helped elderly clients keep moving without pain, some terminal clients have really benefited from Diane’s touch until the end
of their life. She also has extreme athletes and weekend warriors. She sees a lot of computer/office workers for neck and
shoulders. She has been there for many clients to work through not only physical pain but also emotional. “Many people don’t
know that after a surgery, massage therapy can really help to heal and bring a person out of the trauma of the event”.  As a
sufferer of chronic headaches, Diane is particularly focused on helping people who suffer from this.

She has also helped 3 terminally ill clients thru hospice and to End-of-life. Particular experience in ALS and Cancer as well as
Diabetes.  She feels honored to have spent two years with the Touched by Cancer foundation working with recovering patients.

“I really believe we were all born into this world with the rightful expectation of well-being.  It is ours for the taking but at
the same time - it is a choice that we have to make.  We live in a world where hard work is expected and self care is frowned
upon”.  Give yourself permission to rest and heal.  

Still Point is a place where you can focus on yourself for just a little while.  It is a place to de-stress and relax into your natural

Peace, be still,      Diane